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There’s no place like a home you own...

Even with bad credit, no credit or other financial hold-ups, you can still make your homeownership dreams come true with rent to own.

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Rent to own may be the perfect opportunity if you…

Have Bad Credit 

Circumstances beyond your control can give you bad credit. You could be dealing with the financial fall out from a tough divorce, the illness of a loved one, the ongoing battles of identity theft or the unforeseen loss of a job. Unlike banks, bad credit is less important in rent to own.

Are post-bankruptcy 

You’ve had some financial problems, but you’re already working to put them behind you and start fresh. What you’ve been through has made you wiser and more responsible with your money. Bankruptcy issues are not necessarily a factor in rent to own.

Have No Credit / New to Canada 

Our country thrives on the diversity of people, including those new to Canada. But settling in often comes with the realization that you don’t have a credit score, a critical ingredient for traditional lenders and something that takes a long time to build.

Have Decent Credit, But Limited Downpayment

Unlike banks that require minimum 5% down AND good credit, our partner's rent-to-own programs accept 3% or $10,000 down payment, regardless of the property's purchase price!

Are Self-Employed 

You run your own successful business in the real world. But on paper, your total earnings appear minimized by your expenses. You make a good salary; it’s just not translating into something lenders can see and approve

Are Facing Foreclosure

If you are facing the possibility of losing your home, rent to own may be the perfect solution. The right rent to own can program can help you keep your existing home while getting you back on your feet financially.

By connecting you with the right people, we can bridge-the-gap between you and home ownership, because our partners look beyond credit scores.

Our partnering firm, H.O.S, has successfully consulted with thousands of clients and works with a large network of respected Rent to Own investors. H.O.S has decades of experience working with a wide range of financial situations and challenges. 

A good rent to own program should be short term, a bridge back to traditional lenders. H.O.S's rent to own program is a short term finance option that helps you close the gap from where you are now to becoming "bankable" in the eyes of traditional lenders. 

The end result: more finance options and even better rates.

Where Your Goals and Finances Connect

So, maybe life got in the way and now you don’t have the perfect score to earn a mortgage from traditional lenders. You watch that rent cheque come out every month and feel like you’re throwing money away. 

Everyone keeps telling that you need to get into the market because rates are on the rise, but you can’t and the only thing rising is your frustration. You may still have options. 

Connect with us today for your free, no obligation phone appointment with H.O.S, our partner. Your consultation comes with no commitment—just expert advice to help bring you closer to home.

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More Than Rent to Own, Our Partner...


Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to anything financial. Unlike other Rent to Own companies, H.O.S provides as much education as possible, so you can make informed decisions about your home ownership options. But you won’t be alone. Along the way, they can help you improve your credit and make it possible to be welcomed by traditional lenders within only two or three years—that’s without putting homeownership on pause.

Offers Choices:

Think Rent to Own will limit your choice of a home? With other companies, they might give you a short list of home inventory. But H.O.S opens up possibilities, letting you choose the home you want.

Are Respected Leaders:

Above and beyond other companies, our partners are respected industry leader. They’ve earned this respect with decades of experience and rave reviews. They have an outstanding A+ rating with Better Business Bureau. H.O.S knows how important it is to keep your best interests in mind.

Are "No Pressure" Experts:

The best part? Absolutely no obligation on your part. Set up a free phone consultation, get the information you need and make an educated decision about your path to homeownership.

Benefits of Rent to Own with H.O.S...

No obligation: a free phone consultation means you can explore and educate yourself on the options without any commitment, credit check or cost

Versatile programs : credit isn’t the key factor in approval—our partners look at the full picture of home ownership possibility

Better credit: while enjoying your new home, increase your chances of qualifying for a lower mortgage rate from a traditional lender in 2-3 years

Credit coaching: H.O.S works with you, answering questions and supporting your path to better credit through the program

Lower down payment: you only need a 3% or $10,000 down payment, whichever is greater*. Rent to Own is recognized by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), so your regular payments get added to your down payment

More choice:shop and buy the house you want, not from some list the competitors give you

Increased security:our partners assure security and protect your interests with legally-binding agreements you can have reviewed by your lawyer

Same lifestyle: avoid being house-poor by gaining the education and assistance from our partners to create a lifestyle-conscious budget

Move-in right away: you don’t have to make the down payment until you’ve purchased the house AND there’s no need for first and last month’s rent—just move in and make your first monthly payment

Get fixed payments: your monthly payments are fixed and won’t increase during the program

Fix your house price:the future purchase price of your home is fixed at the start of the program, so you don’t have to worry about negative market surprises later on

Keep owner privileges: collect pets, paint walls, renovate bathrooms—the house is yours and all upgrades belong to you upon purchase

Keep your options open:with a variety of solutions like longer program terms, early purchase options and ways to lower monthly payments, pick the path that’s right for you

Build equity:do it faster and larger than the first years of a conventional mortgage through your deposit and monthly option credits

About our partner H.O.S who has helped thousands of people across Ontario...

Since 2005, HOS Financial has been helping families across Ontario achieve the dream of Home Ownership by providing Custom Solutions using their Industry revolutionary Lease Purchase (Rent to Own) Program. Their Rent to Own program is designed to help families who have been turned away from their banks when they have experienced Life Events that has negatively affected their Credit Score.

..." gives so many people a chance that they may not otherwise have "...

"Thank you very much for all your help and giving us the chance to own a home of our own! The program you have set up really works and gives so many people a chance that they may not otherwise have... thanks again for everything. We're so happy that things worked out. We love our condo. We couldn’t be happier!" Joanne and Chris, Toronto, Ontario

..." they helped us get into our brand new home "...

"When the banks declined us for a mortgage, we called Home Owner Soon and they helped us get into our brand new home. They offered excellent advice on how to repair our credit and purchase our dream home. Thank you for making all of this a reality." James and Jodie, Ajax, Ontario

..." I never thought I would be able to buy a home again "...

"Having declared bankruptcy following my divorce, I never thought I would be able to buy a home again. Home Owner Soon guided me through the rent to own process and I am now the proud owner of my home. Thanks for taking a chance on me when nobody else would!" Elizabeth, Barrie, Ontario

Why Wait?

If connecting with H.O.S about home ownership still has you stalling, you have two options: 

1. You could wait to buy and just keep renting. But why delay having those keys in hand when it could be just as hard, if not harder, to enter the market one, three or five years down the road. OR... 

2. You could make the first step, free of commitment, and let them show you all the facts. It never hurts to get more information. 

Request your free, no obligation phone appointment with an expert at H.O.S. Your consultation comes with no commitment—just expert advice to help bring you closer to home.

Discover My Options

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